AI! AI! AI! (Sing it aloud, like you are in a mariachi band singing "Cielito Lindo".)

A few rising forms of AI have dominated the news lately, so it finally comes time to dive into AI/ML way more heavily in this service. Welcome to AI Week here at HHHYPERGROWTH, which will feature 3 pieces around AI/ML.

  • First, let's start with a primer on the layers of AI, to understand what is behind this new round of Generative AI. This will help set the stage (and define the terminology used) for this week and beyond.
  • Then a look at the ramifications of Generative AI through an investment lens, including the impacts on companies/industries I follow and what areas seem appealing.
  • Finally, a look at the rise of OpenAI (maker of DALL-E & ChatGPT) and where GPT is going (integration and automation). Also, how Microsoft is adopting GPT across Azure and its enterprise software lines (including in BI, developer, and security workflows), with impacts rippling across all industries I follow.