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About the service

HHHYPERGROWTH is not an advisory service, it is an exploration into the product lines and architectures of hypergrowth tech companies, overlaying what the financials are telling us, and where the platforms & mgmt are pointing to next.

  • For more details on what this blog provides, see the About page.
  • My background and philosophy are covered on the Who Am I? and the Welcome pages.
  • My hypergrowth investment philosophy was extensively covered in the What is hypergrowth? post from May-21.
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  • Looking outside this blog, I also greatly enjoy the content from Peter Offringa at Software Stack Investing. Here is a compendium of his blog posts, which cover many of the same investment theses and companies. He is on Twitter at @StackInvesting.


  • The best method to access content is via the tags over covered industries & companies. When drilling into a specific one, start at the bottom (oldest content) and work your way up.  [The majority of content since May 2021 is Premium.]
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Highlights of the free coverage include:

Since starting a Premium service, the blog now posts one free piece a month, from the pool of weekly Premium posts. Sign up if you wish to receive this free post via email. Highlights since this transition include:

Since launching in May-21, the Premium service has covered:

  • Recent shifts in cybersecurity, edge networks, data, & observability industries.
  • The product lines and positioning of several hypergrowth tech companies, including Snowflake, Cloudflare, Datadog, Okta, Zscaler, and CrowdStrike.
  • A look at newly public tech companies in those industries as they IPO, such as Sentinel One, Confluent, and HashiCorp.
  • Insights from the earnings reports & events from the companies I follow closely.
  • Educational pieces on certain technologies within these industries, including how modern application architectures work, and what the modern cloud providers are shifting towards.

The Premium service also has a Premium wiki to better navigate the growing body of content and to share my portfolio & ongoing thoughts there as well.

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