I have been evaluating a number of companies on my watchlist, and this is the first in a series of walkthroughs that sum up my thoughts on each. I find myself in a mood to find other companies of interest (and review past ones) as I look through the lens of this massive spike in interest in AI.

Thematically, I am most focused on the drive towards AI/ML tooling, the potential for how AI can be leveraged quickly over valuable pools of data, and the ever-present need for security over it all. And in looking at recent financials, I am especially focused these days on sequential patterns more than the YoY, as companies must prove their resilience as they navigate these rockier economic waters.

I've already reviewed the latest from Datadog, Snowflake, Cloudflare, and CrowdStrike & SentinelOne. Let's take a look at the latest results and prospects from other several software platforms that provide data connectedness and next-generation security. Today, let's look at Samsara, Confluent, Zscaler, and Okta. Plus there were some new announcements from Zscaler this week at Zenith.

From here, I will do subsequent reviews of other software platforms on my watchlist, including MongoDB, Elastic, Bill, Alteryx, HashiCorp, GitLab, and a few others.